Ever since I squished out of the womb, my life has been filled with music. My first guitar wound up being broken over my brother’s legs by my mom. At that exact moment I knew what the effects of a guitar can do to someone! So I picked up the broken pieces and never put them down. 

 Since then, I too smashed a few guitars, played a million gigs, had a million laughs and I’ve written a good amount of music.

 I started writing songs with an old school buddy of mine Mr. Rick Mutz. Five days a week, five hours a night. He wrote the words and I wrote the music. Like most artists we sucked at first but we got a lot better. After time we knew and understood the craft of songwriting and realized a band and a band name was needed.

 The name Zigman Bird came to me while I was sitting on the toilet. There was a junkyard by my house and the owner, Sigman Byrd, used to shoot kids with a salt gun if they wandered onto his property. He got a few of us but I survived and got a band name out of it.

 Me and Rick have since parted writing together so I have stepped up my lyric duties and have a been writting on my own for quite some time.

 My last album is titled Hypomania. It is on Lump’N’Loaf Records. There are a few songs that were written long ago, and some new songs that I wrote by myself. I think it's a good mix.

 Hypomania’s sound switches from rocking out jams to soft acoustic ballads, plus some experimental stuff too! This album continues my passion for the perfect mix of catchy hooks, melodies and lyrics.

 “Dry Tears” (Which I wrote all by myself...!) is the first song and video from Hypomania, is a power chord love poem set to a backbeat. I wanted to write a song that was a mix of The Monkees and The Ramones. The video, directed by Emmy Award winner Eric Vitner, is my first collaboration with Eric’s IdeaMachine Films. 

HYPOMANIA is available for download at Bandcamp 

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